International Handicapped Day Celebration

IT Unit for People with Visual and Hearing Impairments, Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University organizes the annual celebration of the role of information technology in supporting handicapped children and women, under the slogan of “Hand in Hand”, on the occasion of the International Handicapped Day on December 24, 2014, at 10 a.m., at Dr.\ Mohamed Hasan Rasmy Hall, Faculty of Computers and Information.
The celebration is sponsored by Prof. Dr.\ Iman Saroit, Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr.\ Ahmed Abdul-Zaher, the General Rapporteur of the Celebration, and Prof. Dr.\ Abul Ela El-Eteify, Chief of the Celebration and Manager of  IT Unit for People with Visual and Hearing Impairments, Faculty of Computers and Information.
Professor El-Eteify has said that the celebration will include two sessions. The first one, headed by Professor Abdul-Zaher discusses “The role of Technology in Blind Women Enablement”. The session will talk about the role of internet network in allowing job opportunities at home for disabled persons, the role of technology in enabling blind women in house management, as well as changing society culture and outlook towards impaired women.
The second session, headed by Prof. Dr.\ Khaled Mohamed Khaled, Manger of E-Commerce Center, will talk about “Deaf-Blind People, Blind Children and Women in Technology Era”. The lecturers will discuss blind-deaf issues in technology era, smart phones applications and their effect on the independency of the visually impaired, activating arts of motions in the life of blind children and women, and the role of educational and intellectual games in developing blind mentality skills.  

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Cairo University - International Handicapped Day Celebration