Cairo University Deans Council Headed by Elkhosht: ،No Increase in Study and Hostel Fees in New Academic Year,

Cairo University Deans Council Headed by Elkhosht: ،No Increase in Study and Hostel Fees in New Academic Year,

Cairo University Deans Council holds a meeting on Monday, August 14, 2017, headed by Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht. Cairo University President enunciates the importance of integration between the university president and vice-presidents, deans and all the elements of the university system. He calls for working as one person for the sake of Cairo University and promoting its mission in education, scientific research and community service.

Cairo University President added that ،،Directing work at Cairo University towards decentralization is important provided that faculties deans have advantages and roles decided by university rules and bylaws.,, He pointed out that ،،Fidelity, exchanged censorship and the distribution of decision making authority are important issues concerning work at Cairo University that are aimed at speeding up the achievement of different academic tasks for the interest of educational process.,,

Elkhosht said that ،،Cairo University keeps ancient traditions and we supplement and add to each other.,, He added that ،،Previous presidents of Cairo University added to the university in the light of surrounding political, social and economic circumstances.,, Elkhosht gives thanks to Cairo University previous president Gaber Nassar for what he presented to the university. He pointed out that ،،Cairo University establishes a new era based on past achievements and adds to them.,,

Cairo University President said that ،،There is no increase in study fees of bachelor stage in the coming academic year and the university hostel fees as well.,, Elkhosht explained ،،Free education is a fundamental right provided by law.,,  

Cairo University President Mohamed Elkhosht said ،،We, in Cairo University, need speedy steps for boosting the university resources in the first stage of the international branch of Cairo University at Sheikh Zayed.,, Elkhosht urges faculties to prepare programs in partnership with promoted foreign universities in light of joint cooperation protocols to start implementing them in the international branch of Cairo University.

Cairo University President calls for increasing the numbers of international students at Cairo University in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education. He illustrates that ،،Attracting international students is a patriotic duty and a soft power for Egypt in the higher education field.,,

Cairo University Deans Council urges in its meeting providing students with study materials whether by print or electronic academic books by the beginning of the academic year. It also urges starting from now the preparation of study schedules, finishing the maintenance of lectures halls and laboratories, and preparing libraries at faculties well before the coming academic year.

Cairo University Deans Council decides forming a committee of Urban Planning, Engineering and Archaeology faculties professors to allow cafeterias at faculties. The committee is aimed at planning for cafeterias places at campus without affecting the overall shape of the campus and green areas and optimizing Student Services Building as well.


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Cairo University Deans Council Headed by Elkhosht: ،No Increase in Study and Hostel Fees in New Academic Year, - Cairo University