Cairo University Honors Scholars and Thinkers Winning State and University Awards on Fifteenth Science Day

Cairo University Honors Scholars and Thinkers Winning State and University Awards on Fifteenth Science Day

 Elkhosht: ،Employing Knowledge and Linking Scientific Research to Inclusive Development being Cairo University Goals… Research Marketing Center is to be Established,

Cairo University, headed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman Elkhosht, honors 42 scholars and thinkers from the university sons winning state and university awards for 2016 on the fifteenth Science Day held by the university on Tuesday, December 26, 2017. The honoring ceremony is attended by previous President of the Federation of Arab Universities Sultan Abu-Orabi, former Secretary-General League of Arab States Amre Moussa, presidents of some Arab universities of Jordan, Algeria, and Palestine, some public figures, and university professors.

The Science Day ceremonials start with Cairo University lineup, and national anthem, followed by Holy Quran recital. The honorees word is delivered by Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat winning Nile Award, then the word of Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Saeed Daw, followed by the word of Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht. A documentary film is screened after that, then the honoring ceremonials of 42 thinkers, scholars, and researchers takes place.

Elkhosht said in his speech for Science Day ceremony that employing and utilizing knowledge, and adding value to national income, and linking scientific research to inclusive development are important goals for Cairo University to overcome the gap between what is said and what is done. He emphasized that world change begins with ideas change. Elkhosht announces establishing a center for marketing research to be affiliated to Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Cairo University. He illustrated that Cairo University has 167 centers and research centers are leading major universities. Elkhosht added that Universities Organization Law prevents forming companies, but it does not prevent establishing scientific and technology centers and incubators.

Cairo University President illustrated that the university works on implementing objective skill-based exam elements, assumption-based scientific research, and the elements constituting scientific research process. Cairo University President said: ،The exam method depending on memorization and teaching method leading to memorization should be changed., 

Elkhosht proceeds that transformation in modern age starts by religious reform in Germany through influencing thinking methodology. Science is thinking methodology; therefore, there is difference between science, information, science industry, and science production by methodology. Mind has internal routes closed unto themselves. Mental routes should be open to themselves to reach flexible mindset. Transcendent reality is created by media and public opinion and it should be transformed into true consciousness which is an issue that needs effort from all the state foundations. Consideration should be transformed into action as there is difference between strategic planning and applicable planning. Global universities talk about the annual updating of strategic planning which is being conducted by the university in this period.

Professor of Faculty of Medicine Cairo University winning Nile Award Gamal Essmat delivered the honorees word. He said that law does not allow establishing foundations or companies to invest knowledge. He pointed out that Egypt has 25 governmental universities, 30 private universities and academies, and dozens of scientific research centers. Cairo University attracted 15% of research and scientific centers. He added that any state that is seeking global progress should pay concern to investment in knowledge.

Essmat expressed his pleasure of being at Cairo University; his home which embraces many scholars and researchers. He said that Cairo University is the only Egyptian university that preserves its ranking among 500 global universities in Shanghai ranking over 8 previous years.

Essmat pointed out that Cairo University Hepatitis C virus experience regarding its medicine patent is a pioneering experience. He added that the medicine is used in treating 600, 000 Egyptian patients. Its cost is reduced EGP 5, 000, 000, 000. It achieved 95% of cure rate. He said that kasr Ainy professors perform a great role. If only Cairo University had been allowed the right of establishing foundations and companies so that it could establish a company for therapy investment to the Egyptian state!  

Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat proceeds that Endemic Diseases Department has big role in combating bilharzia and Hepatitis C virus. It is the most productive department of scientific research with research paper by every faculty member. He pointed out that Cairo University has a pioneering endemic diseases hospital; namely Thabit Thabit hospital.  

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Cairo University Honors Scholars and Thinkers Winning State and University Awards on Fifteenth Science Day - Cairo University