Khalifa Award for Education for the year 2015-2016

The Award aims to promote the educational field in the UAE and the Arab world through encouraging and motivating creative and outstanding individuals working in the field. This could be achieved through:- 1. Highlighting and supporting the status of those working in all educational fields. 2. Contributing in providing a modern and developed educational environment that encourages innovation and excellence. 3. Stimulating the UAE citizens to aspire for the teaching profession. 4. Encouraging talented educators to design and apply educational projects and programs. 5. Honoring and appreciating those working in the field of educating people with special needs. 6. Enriching the Emirati educational field with Gulf, Arab and international educational experiments in the areas of curriculum, research, educational projects, new media, sustainable environment and serving society. 7. Focusing on modern technologies and using them as developed programs in the UAE educational process. 8. Focusing on good childhood behaviors, teachings and growth. 9. Strengthening the linguistic identity of the UAE by adopting the Arabic language as the official language. 10. Contributing in modernizing the Arabic language curriculum in public and higher education in the UAE.

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Khalifa Award for Education for the year 2015-2016 - Cairo University