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School of Commerce

The oldest commercial science study in Egypt dates back to 1837 when school of account was established in Mohamed Ali's era. However, it was cancelled at early 40s. Then school of area and account was established in Ismail's era in 1868 and disappeared by the end of its era.

However, establishing the first high commercial school in Egypt dates back to 1911 after commercial education at the era of British occupation used to be confined to medium stage only. A development happened in curricula of high schools of commerce in 1914. Subjects of the school were English language, French language, history, ethics, commercial geography, systems of agriculture, industry, and commerce, political economy, and commercial law. Period of study was three years then became four years starting by October 1921. Some modifications were added to study curricula in 1923 to bring economic and commercial science together.

Therefore, these eight high schools were representing inherent roots of high education in Egypt since their renaissance in the first half of the nineteenth century. These schools formed the base of academic education at the conclusion of the first quarter of the twentieth century. Then Faculty of Arts joined these schools after being established by the National University.



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