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Cairo University is Certified ISO 9001 in Administrative Apparatus Quality

Date :2017-01-23 11:48:50

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar said that ،، Cairo University Secretariat, that includes a group of main administration affiliated to the university as well as Cairo University Center for Quality and Accreditation Assurance, is certified ISO 2015 / 9001.,, This was announced during the joint meeting, on January 17, 2017. The meeting was attended by Cairo University Vice-Presidents, the officials of Cairo University Center for Quality and Accreditation Assurance, Cairo University Secretary-General, the directors of administrations affiliated to Cairo Secretariat and officials of Russian Register- Middle East, the institution that certified the university secretariat with ISO 9001. Russian Register- Middle East recommended certifying Cairo University with 2015 / 9001 after meeting the required standards for administrative apparatus quality at Cairo University. Cairo University, therefore, is the first Egyptian University that obtains this certificate in the Middle East regarding the institutional ability of the administrative apparatus.

Cairo University earlier started carrying out a program for developing employee skills at the administrative apparatus of Cairo University three years ago. This program is aimed at introducing applied skills, communication skills, collective work, planning, censorship and administrations modelling to employees to help carrying out Cairo University plan in developing the administrative process at the university and achieving quality for education administration and scientific research.

Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar said that ،،Cairo University earlier formed multiple committees including professors and experts from inside and outside the university to carry out the project of developing the administrative apparatus and preparing it to get ISO through preparing lectures, workshops and training.,, He added that ،،multiple committees are aimed at achieving the required plan and providing ISO requirements that relies on a group of principles developed by the experts of ISO standards on the administrative apparatus performance.,,  Nassar said ،،the objective criteria of administrative apparatus quality are determined through regular revisions, application problem solving and examination of quality habilitation requirements meetings.,,

Nassar said that ،،Cairo University established a Center for Quality and Accreditation Assurance working on technical help in preparing the resume reports of administration and faculties, facilitating the reception of field visits and meetings of exterior assessment.,,

Nassar addressed his thanks to employees at Cairo University for their efforts, during the previous period, in promoting the administrative apparatus of Cairo University and leading it to a degree of societal satisfaction. He urged the continuity of administrative development process that serves education development and scientific research. 


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