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Activities of Future Leaders Camp Begin at Cairo University on Saturday with Participation of 600 Students

Date :2017-07-03 14:07:30

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar announces the beginning of the activities of Future Leaders Camp for university students on Saturday, July 1, 2017, until mid-August at Cairo University Playgrounds under the slogan of ،Together We Create Future,. The camp is organized within the framework of activities plan implemented by the university for its students during summer vacation. These activities are aimed at developing student skills, upgrading their abilities and discovering talents among them.

Cairo University Vice-President for Education and Students Affairs Mohamed Osman Al-Khosht said that ،،Future Leaders Camp is aimed at developing leadership skills of university students, educating them the art of leadership and cultural, sport, social, and artistic activities.,, Al-Khosht pointed out that ،،The camp includes 6 regiments of 5 days for each regiment. Each regiment contains 100 students. The camp involves training courses for students in negotiation skills, individual responsibility and educational lectures on religious reformation, freelancing and small projects.,,

Al-Khosht makes it clear that ،،Camps contributes to polishing the personalities of university students and discovering talents among them especially that they organize and choose the activities they practice in the camp activities.,,

The General Director of Youth Care at Cairo University Hasan Seada said that ،،Youth Care Administration prepares a plan for student activities during summer vacation. The plan includes opening sport playgrounds for students to practice sport activities and training and holding beach camp at Marsa Matrouh at regiments for students. The plan also involves training student teams on all activities to participate in Universities Youth Week at Menoufia University during September 2017.  

Seada added that ،،All preparations of implementing student activities plan during summer vacation are finished. Playground and activities halls at Future Leaders Preparation Camp, stay places of students at Cairo University Hostel, stay places of female students at Giza Hostel are prepared during the camp activities.,,

It is scheduled that Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Khosht will deliver an opening lecture with the beginning of each regiment.


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