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Cairo University Receives Educational Delegate from Nigeria

Date :2017-10-02 11:15:09

 Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht receives educational delegate from Nigeria on Thursday, September 28, 2017. The delegate includes Vice-President of Nigerian Supreme Council for Universities Ibrahim Dan Ayah, Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies and Dean of the Centre for Quranic Studies (CQS), Nigeria, Mohamed Ibrahim, and Nigerian Professor of Physiology Mohamed Mabrouk.

The Nigerian delegate discusses with Cairo University horizons of cooperation in different educational fields. Cairo University President enunciates steadfast Egyptian-African relations, and welcomes cooperation with Nigerian Universities. The Nigerian delegate visits Faculty of Science laboratories, Institute of African Studies and Research, and Center for Hausa Studies at Cairo University.

The Nigerian delegate acclaims the historical status of Cairo University. The delegate members express their wish to cooperate with Cairo University in scientific and academic exchange between the two sides, as well as send Nigerian students to Cairo University.

Elkhosht said that ،،Cairo University welcomes all forms of international cooperation.,, He pointed out that ،،There are distinctive postgraduate programs in English, French, and Arabic at Cairo University.,, 


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