El Manial Academic Hospital.

The number of beds at El Manial Academic Hospital counts about1794 beds distributed among its different departments.
The hospital is administratively divided into three administrative units:
a)    El Manial El Bahary Hospital:
It supervises surgery departments no. 6, 28, 28, 30, urology department no. 17 and internal medicine department no. 9, 19, 31, orthopedic department no. 7, 20. It also supervises accidents reception and central rays.
b)    El Manial El Qebly Hospital:
It supervises surgery departments no. 5, 25, 27, cardiology and ophthalmology department no. 12, 14, 16, neurology departments no. 4, 15, chest medicine, dermatology and venereal diseases, ear, nose, and throat department, and psychiatry department.
c)    Operations Units:
They include operations rooms that serve both El Manial El Bahary and El Manial El Qebly Hospitals. It is composed of 16 equipped operations rooms.

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