Concerned with the following:-
*    Participating with administration of organization, methods of work, organization of training, and workforce planning in preparing job budget project, and taking the procedures of carting our job budgets.
*    Making job announcements according to statement of job budget, workforce planning, fulfilling procedures of nominating employees to occupy jobs and issuing decisions of appointment.
*    Preparing sheets of those who are eligible for regular and incentive bonuses and sheets of those who are eligible for promotion as well as carrying out its decisions according to records of employees affairs and conducting employees adjustments according to laws, decisions, and Judicial provisions.
*    Issuing decisions of sanctions, imposing disciplinary provisions on employees, informing concerned bodies with promotions, bonuses, and dues.
*    Saving annual reports set by employees and showing them to Committee of Employees Affairs in its legal date and taking executive procedures based on this.
*    Preparing and carrying out decisions of transfer, secondment, missions, renovation, and academic vacations according to rules and instructions related to this.
*    Editing and revising sheets of salaries, extra wages, and encouraging bonuses.
*    Carrying out decisions related to dues of employees as a result of adjusting and carrying out final judicial provisions.
*    Subtraction from salaries according to laws, issued decisions, and transferring salaries to banks according to the will of some employees.
*     Saving service files, organizing them, and storing them in places dedicated for this, as well as attaching papers, decisions, and data related of employees to their profiles.
*    Completing conditions sheets, taking into account that sheets are identical to the condition saved at service file and proving the changes that may occur.
*    Holding record of ages and identifying records of those who reached the legal age and informing administration of staff members and their assistants Affairs before the deadline.
*    Identifying and submitting excerpts that are demanded from employees' service according to instructions.

CU Staff - Facilities and Operations - Administration of Public Cadre