Centers and Special Units at Cairo University

In the framework of performing the vital role of university in serving the society and developing the environment - through its highly-qualified, specialist, scientific cadres, Cairo University makes good use of its experts in directing research papers and postgraduate studies towards solving these problems the society facing in the 21st century, in a world that has made progress at both the scientific and technological levels. This world has become like one state in which powerful countries are in conflict.

Scientific and technological progress in communications, computers and information sciences has caused knowledge and information to be two core elements of leadership, and, therefore, there are no more borders between countries. We have to work hard and move ahead to address that global technological scarcity with a view to improving the welfare of our citizens and re-building our civilization. Universities, with their key roles, light up the societys way and help it enjoy high status in the world through carrying out its mission by serving the society and developing the environment in order to provide scientific solutions to its problems in the industrial, agricultural, and commercial fields, achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost and at the right time and provide the required means to achieve comprehensive and continuous quality improvement in an excellent managerial way and through the Cairo University research centers and special units, with their advanced scientific instruments, which conduct analytical and applied research in the social, economic, agricultural, commercial, industrial, engineering, medical and veterinary fields.

These centers and units were established under Presidential Decree No. (1087) for the year 1969, according to Article (307) of the Law of Organizing Universities (9) for the year 1972, to achieve the following objectives:

1- Assisting Cairo University in accomplishing its mission with regards to educating students and training them to different research fields.

2- Conducting scientific research that aims at solving those real problems faced by production activities, services or different workplaces in society.

3- Promoting production activities through scientific and technical methods that lead to the development and creation of new techniques.

4- Training citizens to the use of scientific and technical techniques and raising production efficiency in various fields.

5- Contributing to the implementation of the projects of Cairo University and its faculties and institutes and fulfilling the university needs.

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