Dear colleagues, members of the club,

It is a pleasure to greet all who belong to Cairo University, especially members of the club and staff members generally. It is also a pleasure to welcome you in the official website of Cairo University Staff members club, which was established in September 2003 and was firstly developed in January 2008 and secondly in September 2009. The site serves, in general, staff members of Cairo University whose number reached 14,000 staff member. The site publishes the news that are of interest to staff members of different faculties. It also publishes the activities that the club makes to serve its members, for example, it organizes trips, summer resorts, different cultural and social activities, and advertisements of staff members of sale, rental and so on.
Therefore, I call brothers and colleagues, staff members, their assistants and demonstrators who bear the most honorable message, to love each other and cooperate with each other for the sake of our country, the university and the club which we look forward to become at the top of all other clubs. This cannot be achieved without your participation in different activities of the club and giving advices and guidance for the club administration. We promise you that we heed what you suggest for the development of the services provided by the club and all what is beneficial to the members of the club.

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