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Years of First World War were birth of new political regime in Egypt. The beginning of the war witnessed a change in Egypt international position as Britain has imposed Ottoman sovereignty on Egypt, ousted Khedive Abass Helmy the second, imposed protection on Egypt, appointed Prince Hussein Kamel as a Sultan for Egypt. Therefore, Egypt kept an eye out for an unknown future that waits the country when the war comes to an end. The Egyptians perceived the future as merely ((independence)) and their estimations varied according to their social statuses and interests. Men of social elite of major share holders, known as being moderate, saw that autonomy and arranging a relation with Britain keeping its interests is the first step in the track of achieving full independence, whereas sons of the middle class, sloggers, peasants, and workers were not satisfied except with full independence


Strategic Plan of Cairo University 2010 - 2015 (In Arabic)

Strategic Plan of Cairo University 2015 - 2020 (In Arabic)


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