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Cairo University Is One of the Best 500 Universities at the Global Level in Shanghai Ranking of Year 2015

Date :2015-08-17 23:42:34

Cairo University occupied the 409th rank in the Chinese ranking of year 2015 according to the report issued by Higher Education Institute, affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, on the global ranking of the best 500 universities. The report has shown the progress of Cairo University to the category (from 401 – 500). It is the only Egyptian University that appears in the ranking, being improved in the ranking rather than the previous years.

Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, said that reserving the position of Cairo University among the best 500 universities at the global level in the Chinese ranking of year 2015 for the fifth time respectively, being noticeably progressed this year, is due to the efforts of Cairo University and academic staff in developing the standards leading to its existence in the list of the best universities in global rankings. One of the most prominent efforts is the increase of the amount and quality of the scientific researches published for staff members in the international scientific periodicals and encyclopedias, as well as the development of academic performance level and graduates level. Nassar has added that Cairo University sought the development of its educational and research process throughout the last two years and the increase of spending on works of development, updating and production of scientific research in various cognitive fields.

Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat, Vice President of Cairo University for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, has confirmed that the university carries out a plan for boosting applied research projects and motivating academic staff to publish their scientific researches at the international level in English, international research participation, as well as establishing specialized international scientific journal in its name, pointing out that Cairo University has a number of researches and articles published for its researchers in both "Science" and "Nature" journals.

Noteworthy, the Chinese ranking is the most famous one at the world level, being relying on different standards, such as; the number of the winners of international prizes like "Nobel" of graduates of these universities and its cadres, the number of times when articles of researchers of universities were published in pioneering scientific journals, and the numbers of times when articles of researchers were quoted by other researchers. Shanghai ranking is one of the best universities rankings in the world since it only concentrates on scientific and technological fields.


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