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Cairo University Deans Discuss the Arrangements of the New Academic Year 2015/2016

Date :2015-09-16 21:51:40

On Monday, 14/9/2015, Cairo University Deans Council held a meeting, headed by Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, and attended by the Vice Presidents of Cairo University to search the arrangements of receiving the new academic year 2015/2016.

Nassar initiated the meeting with congratulating the deans, staff members, employees and students of the faculties on Eid-Al-Adha and the advent of the new academic year. Cairo University President confirmed the importance of finishing the preparation of lectures schedules for all study years and distributing students among sections and departments sufficiently in advance before the beginning of the study, as well as announcing the results of faculty transformations before the beginning of the academic year to enable students to be regular at the study. Nassar asserted the non-existence of any kind of exceptions in the process of transformation to any university so as to achieve the principles of justice and equality which the university is keen on.  

Cairo University President requested all the faculties to prepare effective programs of student activities and announce them on the websites of faculties. He also demanded the existence of professors among students being close to them. He claimed the activation of the cultural season plan at every faculty as well as the cultural and artistic season which include cultural and artistic seminars and activities at the level of the university. He pointed out the importance of the role of Youth Care Administrations at each faculty side by side with Cairo University Youth Care in working with students and providing them with the activities that suit them and meet their needs, as well as receiving students especially the newly admitted hospitably, and getting them oriented to the study systems of their faculties and the activities programs. He also confirmed the role of faculties secretaries in tuning the performance at their faculties towards enhancing the services offered to students. 

Nassar pointed out that the university does not oppose demonstrations of university demands provided that the protestors get the approval of the university, illustrating that the university is not against academic freedom, but it fights chaos and purposelessness. Cairo University Deans Council confirmed the importance of benefitting from the new options and equipment of the university press after it has been developed to print university books with less cost to make it affordable to students. 


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