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Cairo University Participates in Educational Systems and Methods Development International Project

Date :2016-03-11 22:00:07

Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, Cairo University President, announced that Cairo University is serious about developing the quality of education including all its resources. It is also greatly concerned with developing partnership with advanced global universities to allow distinctive and developed education opportunity. He pointed out that Cairo University has the potentials that qualifies it for that which the university already makes. He confirmed that education infrastructure is being developed to meet local and international society requirements, betake varied programs that qualify for labor market, and boost access to educational programs that serve community.

Nassar referred to Cairo University participation in the project, entitled ،،Open Educational Resources (OER) as a bottom-up approach to support the Southern Mediterranean Countries,, , which is partially financed by Erasmus+ European Union Programme. This programme aims at raising the awareness of higher education institutions of open educational resources and methods by providing open educational resources and flexible and modern learning methods that are relevant to international society and labor market needs. Nassar pointed out that the project encompasses universities of seven universities, namely, Italy, Spain, Britain, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt, as well as Mediterranean Universities Union and Association of Arab Universities. Both Cairo University and Alexandria University, at the Arab Republic of Egypt, participate in the project activities. 

Nassar confirmed that this project is a serious step in the framework of scientific cooperation with global universities. He pointed out that Cairo University boosts expansion in joint research and educational projects to support the university plan and serve educational and research process.

On his part, Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Tag El-Din, the Director of Open Education Center – Cairo University and the Project Coordinator, said that the project pursues boosting and adopting open learning methods and resources at Southern Mediterranean countries as a bottom-up approach to support exchange and easy access of higher education institution information. The project contains initiatives that create potential for self- learners or continuous learners to be equipped with free educational resources.

Tag El-Din confirmed that the project copes with Cairo University goals and Open Education objectives. Cooperation is going to be conducted by several themes that focus on using and reusing open learning resources practices, developing a road map for expansion of open learning resources, accrediting and designing training programs by using open learning resources and open education system. Additionally, training a group of trainers to use open learning resources, and evaluating the project quality and uses, as well as measuring its positive effects on educational process quality at the level of the universities participating in the project, which was launched in the headquarter of Mediterranean Universities Union in Roma where the Arab Republic of Egypt participates.

Noteworthy, the project has been launched in February 2016. The Egyptians who attended the project at Mediterranean Universities Union headquarter were Prof. Dr. Amr Adly, Cairo University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Ezz-ul-Din Abu-Steit, Private Universities Council (PUC) Trustee.  Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Tag El-Din, the Director of Cairo University Center for Open Education and the Project Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Seddik Abdul-Salam, Alexandria University Vice-President, as well as Prof. Dr. Yasser El-Shayeb, General Coordinator for European Union Projects, and the representatives of participating universities also attended the project.


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