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Faculty of Physical Therapy – Cairo University Holds 17th International Scientific Conference ،،Empowering Disability,,

Date :2016-03-12 03:47:30

Sponsored by Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, Cairo University President, and Prof. Dr. Alaa Balbaa, Faculty of Physical Therapy Dean, the 17th international scientific conference, entitled ،،Empowering Disability,, , is held by Faculty of Physical Therapy – Cairo University. It is inaugurated on March 10, 2016, at 10 a.m., at Grand Celebration Hall – Cairo University. The rest of the conference scientific activities and workshops are to be completed at Pyramisa Hotel, Dokki, Cairo, on Thursday and Friday, March 10-11, 2016. The conference inauguration ceremony at Grand Celebration Hall also includes class 2014 graduation of Faculty of Physical Therapy graduates.

Representatives of Association of Arab Universities, representatives of Physical Therapy faculties and institutes at the level of Arab World and Middle East participate in the conference. Besides, Arab Confederation of Physical Therapy officials, distinctive professors of disability rehabilitation from Arab and European states, America, as well as Arab delegations from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia participate in the conference.

The conference discusses about 42 research papers. It includes delivering 10 scientific lectures by professors and experts who work in disability field at Egypt, America, Austria, Germany, and Canada. The conference scientific activities also include sharing research papers by students from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Prof. Dr. Alaa Balbaa, Faculty of Therapy Dean and the Conference Chair, said that the conference tackles several important themes, including boosting and enhancing Early Intervention Programs that could ensure full participation and equal opportunities for people with special needs. It also tackles helping people with special needs to develop different skills and abilities to increase their ability to effectively integrate and contribute to building society. Developing strategies and programs for creating job opportunities for the disabled in self-employment and labor market fields are also tackled by the conference, as well as the exchange of modern information and knowledge regarding the rehabilitation of people with special needs.

The conference also tackles providing home treatment as essential interventions for enhancing children growth, enhancing the researches related to disability issues aiming at enabling people with special needs. Additionally, identifying the hindrances, which prevent people with special needs from participating in society, and overcoming them, and presenting practical recommendations and counsels to provide easy-to-use environment for people with special needs. The conference also discusses ensuring early medical checkup for children with disabilities and transmitting them to specialized medical and rehabilitative services if necessary, and providing Primary Health Care Team (PHCT) with training and education to ensure that children with special needs receive necessary health care.


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Faculty of Physical Therapy – Cairo University Holds 17th International Scientific Conference ،،Empowering Disability,, - Cairo University old website