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Faculty of Computers and Information Organizes International Conference on Informatics

Date :2016-05-08 13:58:53

Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University organizes 10th international conference on informatics, entitled ،،Computing for Better Society,, , at 9 a.m., Monday, May 9, 2016. The conference continues for three consecutive days at Conference Center – Cairo University. 

The conference is sponsored by Minister of Communication and Information Technology Yasser El-Qady and Cairo University President Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar. It is supervised by Faculty of Computers and Information Dean Prof. Dr. Imane Aly Saroit. The conference is also sponsored by a group of golden sponsors, namely; MICROSOFT, ITS, SAS, and ACM for scientific sponsorship.

According to Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Imane Aly Saroit, a group of industry and scientific research experts are going to deliver lectures. The lectures are going to be on updates in information technology field, including data sciences, cloud computing and using simulation technology in electronic teaching. The dean also added that the conference encompasses 12 working sessions that include presenting and discussing 55 scientific researches. Hundred and seventeen scientific researches by three hundreds and thirteen researchers from nineteen countries were presented. Only 47 % of the researches were accepted for presentation during the conference activities.

Saroit said that the conference focuses on how to master and apply technologies for better standard of living in society. She mentioned that the conference works on gathering industrial and academic societies together. It seeks discussing and circulating results to promote information technology future and manifest its role in enhancing economy level and achieving social advance.

Faculty of Computers and Information Dean added that the themes of the conference revolve around advanced computing technologies and applications, cloud computing, data sciences and their applications. In addition, technology of software, information and network engineering, cyber security, internet of things and networking are to be discussed at the conference. The dean pointed out that the conference organizes 14 workshops and student activities presented by a group of researchers and experienced practitioners, including modern topics in computing and informatics fields.


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