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Cairo University Council Discusses Second Term Exams Final Arrangements

Date :2016-05-23 10:22:30

Cairo University Deans Council held an emergency meeting on Thursday, May 19, 2016, headed by Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar. All the arrangements of second term exams 2015/2016, coinciding this year with the Holy Month of Ramadan, were discussed.

Deans Council decided banning smoking totally inside exams halls. Cigarette lighters or matchboxes are also forbidden inside exams halls. In case of violation, student will be deprived of performing exam.

Deans Council stated the importance of applying previous university council decree regarding deducting quality and university allowances, for three months, from staff members who do not participate in exams work without excuse. The council also stated that the participation of all faculty employees in exams work is a must.

The University Dean Council decided forming a committee for following up exams performance at the pavilions established at the university playgrounds. The committee is also going to receive daily reports on its situation from all sides, and suggesting what should be provided for the comfort of students. The committee is to be headed by Cairo University Vice-President for Community Service and Environment Development. Besides, the committee will include the membership of Faculty of Law Dean, Cairo University Secretary-General, Engineering Affairs Director and the University Security Director.

Cairo University President said that the exam pavilion is dedicated to Faculty of Law students only because of the coincidence of exams with Ramadan. The establishment of exam pavilion aims at holding exams for only one period from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. A plan was developed to secure exam pavilions 24/7 by providing adequate numbers of administrative security personnel, civil protection vehicles and ambulances. In addition, exam pavilions are secured by organizing entry and exit through the doors that lead to the playgrounds of the university and providing pavilions with inside and outside surveillance cameras, means of ventilation and secure illumination.

The dean decided forming a committee from professors of Faculties of Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, Laser Institute for developing a document that includes a system for securing the usage of chemicals inside laboratories and rooms. Dealing with chemicals will be based on the document at the faculties where they are used.

Cairo University President decided bonus disbursement for all Cairo University employees with EGPs 300 at minimum and EGPs 500 at maximum as basic salary per month.


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