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Cairo University President Opens Nanotechnology Center Workshop on Nano Applications in Solar Energy Production

Date :2016-06-07 12:17:27

Cairo University President said that the university boosts Nanotechnology Center, affiliated to Cairo University at Al-Sheikh Zayed Branch. Cairo University provides the center with all success potentials in terms of equipping it with modern laboratories and allowing opportunities for researchers at the levels of Egyptian Universities. This was stated during opening a workshop organized by Nanotechnology Center in solar energy production. The workshop was attended by Kafr Al-Sheikh University President Prof. Dr. Maged El-kamary. It was also attended by Cairo University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research Prof. Dr. Amr Adly and professors from Cairo University, South of Valley University, Fayoum University and Kafr Al-Sheikh University.

Cairo University President pointed out the importance of Nanotechnology Center, affiliated to Cairo University, in conducting researches with international experts and researchers at Egyptian Universities. Those researches contribute to launching research projects that serve Egyptian industry, including manufacturing solar energy by international criteria, and this was also tackled by the convened workshop.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar added that the problems which face energy in Egypt need new alternatives, most importantly, solar energy which is clean and renewable energy. Nassar pointed out the efforts of state for providing regular power and energy across Egypt.

Cairo University signed a partnership agreement with Kafr Al-Sheikh University in Nanotechnology applications so that the two universities benefit from the potentials provided at Nanotechnology Center.

Kafr Al-Sheikh University President said that Kafr Al-Sheikh University possesses Nanotechnology Research Unit which encompasses developed laboratories and some distinctive researchers.

The achievements of Nanotechnology Center – Cairo University were presented, during the workshop, by the director of the center Prof. Dr. Mona Bakr and the Center General Supervisor Prof. Dr. Tarek Hussein. Those achievements were made in cooperation with EU Programme for localizing Nanotechnology at Egypt. Research projects were financed by the Egyptian Fund for technology and European Union in Nanotechnology applications industry. The opportunity of presenting projects in Nanotechnology Center labs, which encompasses many laboratory test devices, is allowed for Faculties of Agriculture, Engineering, Laser and Pharmacy.

Nanotechnology Center Director announced a new diploma in Nanotechnology applications in solar energy production by a program financed by EU which Cairo University, Fayoum University and South of Valley University participate in.


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