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Increase in Rates of International Publication Among Cairo University Staff Members in 2015

Date :2016-07-12 14:28:09

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar announced that the rates of international publication among faculties staff members of Cairo University in journals and encyclopedias internationally ranked researched a rate of 1, 731 in 2015 in all scientific specialties exceeding previous year rates. Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar said that the increase of researchers who publish their researches at international level has great influence that they are spoken about at scientific research forums for their quality and modernity.  Prof. Nassar pointed out that Faculty of Science, Cairo University, is brought to the fore of international scientific publication with 521 researches, followed by Faculty of Medicine at a rate of 312 researches, and Faculty of Pharmacy at a rate of 274 researches. Then Faculty of Engineering comes at a rate of 166 researches and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at a rate of 124 researches.

Prof. Nassar said that the growth of international publication rates among the staff members of Cairo University remarkably contributes to enhancing the university status among global universities ranking. He added that Cairo University have a good reputation among higher education institutes abroad, pointing out that the university concerns itself with scientific research system and devote convenient funding to it.

Prof. Nassar said that the university announced proposals for applied research linguistics in 2016 in participation with various academic sectors of the university in developmental fields connected with the university research plan and the state needs of scientific research. These developmental fields revolve around slums, water treatment and desalination, alternative energy, agricultural and nutritional needs and endemic diseases. Prof. Nassar pointed out that those research projects are based on research groups and are to be conducted within a year or two and financed by the university resume resources.  

Cairo University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs Amr Adly said that the university approves a group of policies to enhance scientific research system and international publication of staff members. These policies include motivating staff members at various faculties of the university to publish their research at international level, boost their publications financially, increase the funding allocated to research projects of staff members. In addition, these policies boost youth researchers, grant distinctive researchers at various faculties monetary awards and provide staff members and assistant with aids to travel abroad to attend international conferences.

Prof. Dr. Amr Adly added that the central laboratory of Cairo University is equipped with all potentials by nearly investments of EGP 30 millions to help staff members in various sectors to conduct their researches. About 1, 300 websites were established for staff members on Cairo University Portal to publish their researches. Prof. Adly said that the current research projects of Cairo University hit 274 current research projects in various academic sectors that are financed with EGP 250 millions by resume funding and local and exterior partnership agreements.


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