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Veterinary Medicine Faculty Opens Poultry Diseases Third Conference

Date :2016-07-28 13:30:22

The third scientific conference on poultry diseases began with an opening session held on Wednesday, 27/6/2016, at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine headquarter. The conference was attended by Faculty Acting Dean, Prof. Dr. Eman Bakr, and Animal Health Research Institute Director, Prof. Dr. Momtaz Shahin. It was also attended by Faculty Vice-Dean, Prof. Dr. Jacquine Aljacky, Chair of Poultry Diseases Department and Conference Head, Prof. Dr. Anwar Elnabrawy and a group of professors, researchers and students.

Faculty Acting Dean pointed out that the conference this year is held in cooperation with Poultry Producers Union and many poultry companies. The conference discusses one of the most important industry and human health problems, namely, the current status of Salmonella in Egypt.

Poultry Department Chair said that a specialized training course which accommodates 70 trainees from all over Egypt is going to be opened, on the fringe of the conference, at Poultry Farm Management quality labs. The second specialized employment forum will be opened for fresh graduates and final-leveled students in participation with major poultry farms and companies. Pioneers of industry and civil society institutions, who contributed to developing poultry department and equipping it with scientific devices, habilitating the base structure of classes and laboratories as well as establishing research units, will be honored.


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