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Cairo University President Inspects First Term Exams Progress at Some Faculties Inside Campus

Date :2017-01-23 11:47:57

Cairo University President inspected first term exams progress at some faculties. He made an inspecting tour on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, for the exams of both faculties of Mass Communication and Commerce that are held at Exams Halls Compound at Cairo University campus.

Cairo University Vice-President for Education and Students Affairs Mohamed Osman El-Khosht accompanied Cairo University President during their inspecting tour at Exams Hall Compound. The University President was reassured, during the tour, that exams halls are equipped, students are provided with the necessities of comfort and halls are prepared for those with special needs and the visually impaired students. Cairo University President talked to the students who were performing exams in the new exams system ،،bubble sheet,, and the students expressed their satisfaction with this system regarding assessment methods and there is no any complaint concerning questions.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar said that ،،the new system of exams is applied to all the faculties of the university with varied ratios decided by the councils of faculties departments.,, He pointed out that ،،the new system greatly contributes to minimizing cheating as there is no cheating cases in the new system of Cairo University faculties and it eliminated the spread of studying sheets.,, The University President said that ،،Cairo University Administration follows up any complaint related to exams in time.,, He follows up the availability of professors during exams. Cairo University President urged professors to speedily recycle student answer sheets among correctors to announce results consecutively at faculties.

First term exams at Cairo University witnessed quietness and no acts that may hinder their progress took place. The exams are regularly progressing in all faculties after the faculties provided all the controls of exams.

Cairo University faculties earlier finished all the arrangements of first term exams in the academic year 2016/2017 and determined the dates of student exams according to the study nature of faculties subjects. Exams started on December 25, 2016, and they are scheduled to end at all faculties on January 26, 2017. Mid-year vacation starts on January 28, 2017, and continues for two weeks.

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