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Cairo University Deans Council Approves EGP 1, 000, 000 Allocation for Paying Study Fees for Unable Students

Date :2017-02-20 12:12:06

Cairo University Deans Council approved in its meeting, which is headed by Cairo University President Gaber Nassar, the allocation of EGP 1, 000, 000 from Social Solidarity Fund, at Cairo University, to pay study fees for unable students who could not pay them in the first term. Cairo University provides financial resources other than Social Solidarity Fund in cooperation with charity associations to help students.

Cairo University Deans Council discussed, in its meeting, the progress of the educational process, the study regularity at faculties in the second term and the announcement of students first term results. The Deans Council urged the regularity of educational process in the second term and the continuity of working on providing the requirements of educational process quality at faculties.

Cairo University Deans Council reviewed the stance of Cairo University faculties towards the announcement of first term results. Cairo University faculties announced nearly 90% of their results. The council urged the announcement of the rest of results until February, 2017, at maximum.

The Deans Council urged allowing special credit-hours programs students to register before paying study fees without being committed to pay them before registration provided that they pay them after registration.  

The Deans Council is informed of the awareness week activities for combating corruption. The anti-corruption awareness week is entitled ،،Together We can Combat Corruption,, in participation with Cairo University faculties, units, academic staff members, students and employees from March 12-16, 2017.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar said that ،،the awareness week activities include organizing activities, initiatives and events by every faculty or unit. All academic sides participate in the activities. General lectures are delivered to specialists form Administrative Censorship, Accountability State Authority and General Department of Public Funds Crime Investigation Police to contribute to the awareness campaign with concepts, mechanisms and the impacts of anti-corruption. Cairo University carried out central activities during the week as well. Three awards are allocated for three competitions held on the fringe of the week of EGP 10, 000 for each. The first award is related to designing a colored poster that expresses the idea of corruption and its prevention. The second competition is related to preparing a short film that includes a communicative message on how to activate anti-corruption mechanisms and means of prevention. The third award is allocated for the best faculty that presents activities during the anti-corruption awareness week by evaluating and following up activities.

Cairo University Deans Council reviewed the achievements of Cairo University Teaching Staff Members and Employees Housing Project at the Sixth of October City on 175 acres. The first floor of the apartments in the project are finished. The working company started the establishment of the second floor. The whole project is scheduled to be finished within 4 years.

Cairo University Deans Council congratulated Prof. Dr. Hala Al-Said, at the beginning of the meeting, for taking her office as a Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform in the latest ministerial amendment.


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