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Cairo University Establishes Center for Japanese Studies with Japan

Date :2017-03-02 14:14:53

News Japan Times published news about Japan welcoming the establishment of a center for Japanese studies at Cairo University which is approved by Cairo University Council. The center is concerned with research and studies in fields of literature, art, and science. It is aimed to be a bridge of communication and cooperation in Egyptian-Japanese relations.

The Japanese newspaper made it clear that Cairo University decree comes in the framework of the keenness of the Egyptian government on benefitting from the Japanese experiment particularly education methodologies and theories. The Egyptian government also examines the potential that the center is an important medium of information for the Egyptian audience to get to know Japanese culture and history.

The Japanese newspaper mentioned the statement of the Chair of Japanese Department Adel Amin at Cairo University concerning the Egyptian admiration of the Japanese experience and its ability to progress in the wake of World War II. The Japanese Department Chair said that ،،the center will be a part of Japanese Department at Faculty of Arts which is established in cooperation with the Japanese government at Cairo University in 1974. Ten experiences of Japanese researchers will be benefitted from in the center as well as the professors of Japanese language at Faculty of Arts. There will be cooperation with the Japanese universities concerned with education and technology.,,

The establishment of this center is discussed with Cairo University President Gaber Nassar during a previous visit of the Mayor of Tokyo Koike Yuriko and the Japanese Ambassador in Cairo to Cairo University. Cairo University Council approved a memorandum for Faculty of Arts to establish the center, prepare a bylaw for it that focuses on scientific activities that include joint research projects. The bylaw should help Egyptian researchers travel to Japan, present technical support to Japanese expatriates in Egypt, habilitate and educate human cadres scheduled to travel to Japan and enrich Japanese studies.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar urged full support to the idea of the center establishment at Cairo University to become a forum for scholars in Japanese affairs and its local, regional, and international concerns. Cairo University President also urged holding productive scientific conferences in participation with Japanese universities and supporting the Egyptian-Japanese cooperation especially after the visit of the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Sisi to Japan in 2016. Scientific conferences are aimed at extending the Egyptian-Japanese relations and reaching Egyptian-Japanese dialogue that enriches these relations.


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