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Cairo University Council Approves Allocation of EGP 28, 000, 000 for International Publication Rewards

Date :2017-06-02 16:21:23

Cairo University Council, headed by Cairo University President Gaber Nassar, reviews some of the university achievements throughout the previous four years.

The achievements reviewed are regarding educational process, scientific research, sub-structure development, financial and administrative reformations, community service and extremism confrontation. The council commends Cairo University efforts in developing the different fields that the academic component includes. Cairo University President Gaber Nassar said that ،،The achievements that were realized during the previous period are an institutional work that faculties deans, professors, employees, students and community participated in as well as the state support. This has a positive influence on society and students.,, Nassar enunciates his support of the next university president who will be chosen from one of the candidates. Nassar pointed out that ،،Cairo University is a great name that should be protected. The efforts of all professors should be united for preserving Cairo University position.,,

Cairo University Council acclaims administrative and financial reformations and efforts applied to educational process development. The council urges continuing Cairo University sub-structure development, developing and upgrading all the components of Cairo University system. The council decides abstracts preparation of the achievements to be made in the university at the level of faculties, administrations, centers and special units during the period from June 2014 to June 2017. Provided that the abstracts are submitted to Cairo University Administration within two weeks from holding the current university council in May 2017. The abstracts are to be provided for fields of education, administration, community service, study programs, sub-structure and other achievements during this period.

Cairo University Council accolades Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, missions to Faculty of Archaeology fossils that achieved an unprecedented monumental discovery at Tuna el-Gebel, at Minia Governorate. The monumental discoveries date back to ancient eras. They are recently announced at Minia Governorate with the Minister of Archaeology, Cairo University President, Minia Governor, some ambassadors of foreign states, and local and global mass media attending.

Cairo University Council reviews the status of Cairo University international publication in the academic year 2016/2017. The international publication status of Cairo University is to be announced in international publication ceremony that will be held in June. The council shows an increase in researchers number and a growth in research papers internationally published abroad in the name of Cairo University. The council approves the allocation of EGP 28, 000, 000 as rewards for the researchers who published their researches at the international level. The council greets Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector for the efforts exerted in boosting international publication and applied research projects among staff members.

Cairo University Council approves the request of Giza Governorate concerning the contribution of Cairo University to establishing two experimental schools at Giza. This contribution is sprung from the university societal role and distinctive and exchanged relations with Giza Governorate. The council approves the initiative of Cairo University former Vice-President and Supervisor of Thabit Thabit for Endemic Diseases Gamal Essmat by conducting free medical examination for employees at Giza Governorate Public Office during June and July. This is included in Cairo University initiative for combating Hepatitis C which began among professors, employees and students of Cairo University. The initiative includes internal medical examination and comprehensive analyses.



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