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Cairo University President: ،Financial and Administrative Procedures Mechanization in University Contributes with 70% to Reform,

Date :2017-08-28 10:13:13

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht opens a seminar organized by Faculty and Leadership Development Center on August 23, 2017, on raising awareness of anti-bribery management systems. Dr. Nikolay Yordanov, Leader of Center of Excellence for Risk Management, at Bulgaria, delivered a speech during the seminar. He is one of the experts working in international anti-corruption management.

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht said during the seminar that ،،Anti-bribery and corruption management is a top priority for the university because it is aimed at implementing the governance rules considered enough for limiting negligence, corruption and bribery with their different types.,, He pointed out that ،،Governance plays a remarkable role in enshrining transparency.,, He proceeded ،،Transparency is a vital issue that should be pursued through specific procedures and mechanisms.,, He added ،،Mechanizing payment by Cairo University will increase transparency.,,

Cairo University President illustrated that ،،Mechanizing all financial and administrative procedures in the university will contribute with 70% to reform and guaranteeing the non-existence of bribery or corruption.,,

Elkhosht pointed out that ،،Mechanization in Cairo University is aimed at giving salaries to those who deserve them by performing job requirements.,, He said that ،،Cairo University is distinguished among other institutions by minimum corruption elements inside it.,,

Nikolay Yordanov said that ،،Corruption destroys all sides of society and trust in institutions and governance system.,, Yordanov referred to the importance of anti-corruption and bribery management by utilizing practical experiences and practices in world countries for habilitating all society institutions for transparency. He illustrated that ،،Transferring the anti-corruption concept to students who represent the future of the state is a sought objective.,,  

Nikolay Yordanov said that ،،Anti-corruption and bribery management is a collective work, not an individual one.,, Yordanov pointed out that ،،All governmental, academic and societal institutions should be mingled together to help raising awareness of anti-corruption and bribery management concept.,, He urged enhancing and evaluating management systems objectively as well as credibility, transparency and giving real examples of founding and implementing modern procedures and trends in anti-bribery based on anteriority not waiting.

Yordanov said that ،،Anti-corruption management system does not rely on policies only, but also includes comprehensive evaluation of competencies and controls that focus on social aspects and performance indicators.,,  

Some university leaderships and staff members and representatives of governmental institutions and organizations participated in the seminar.


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