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Cairo University President Opens Awareness Week Activities for New Students, Advocates Freedom of Speech Rights for Students without Violating Privacy of Others

Date :2017-09-20 14:29:31

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht opens the awareness week activities for new students on Sunday, September 17, 2017. The awareness week continues for 5 days. It is attended by Giza Governor Kamal El-Dally, faculty deans and professors. It is aimed at acquainting new students with their university, its history, facilities, social and service projects, and important places. The awareness week is also aimed at informing students about their new society, acquainting them with new colleagues and old students who participate in their reception.

Elkhosht said in the opening speech that ،،Cairo University finished all preparations for receiving students in the new academic year 2017/2018. The preparations started with the medical examinations and participation of a group of old students in receiving new students.,, He pointed out that ،،Cairo University receives this year nearly 31, 000 new students.,,

Cairo University President congratulates new students for joining Cairo University. He said that ،،Cairo University is one of the most ancient and important universities in the Middle East. It is strongly related to the history of Egypt.,, He added that ،،Cairo University is for all Egyptians without religious, racial, or social discrimination. All students are equal in rights and duties.,,

Cairo University President said that ،،Students enjoy freedom of speech without violating the privacy of others.,, He added that ،،Freedom is a commitment, responsibility and organized adherence to law. There is a difference between freedom and chaos, such a difference distinguishes between states.,,

Elkhosht pointed out that ،،Cairo University aims at becoming one of third generation universities that utilize sciences for the sake of society and qualification of youth who have the ability to comprehend, analyze, think critically, compare and find alternatives of problem solving.,,

Elkhosht calls students of Cairo University for thinking outside the box, preserving tenacity, duplicating attempts for reaching their goals, and opening new paths for themselves.

Giza Governor Kamal El-Dally said in his speech that ،،Cairo University is one of the largest and most ancient Egyptian and Arab Universities where pioneers and geniuses of all fields graduated.,, He calls Cairo University students for cultivating a resilient spirit and exerting best efforts at the beacon of science. Giza Governor urges the contribution of students with professors and officials at the university to promote Cairo University to enter a competition with global universities.

Giza Governor refers to the cooperation between Cairo University and Giza Governorate in the domain of presenting many varied services exchanged for the interest of Cairo University and Giza Governorate.

The Deputy of Cairo University Alumni Association Heba Nassar welcomes new students. She said ،،Cairo University is the Mother University and Egypt heart. It is the way to progress and development in society. Cairo University supports popular and patriotic movements in society and adopts women education.,, Heba Nassar added that ،،Cairo University Alumni Association is aimed at achieving solidarity, communication and interaction among Cairo University graduates. The association is also targeting participation in important projects in society.,, Heba Nassar pointed out that ،،Cairo University Alumni Association supports the institutional and societal structure.,,

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht and Giza Governor Kamal El-Dally open the fine arts exhibition of Cairo University students. The awareness week activities are proceeding for students until Wednesday. Documentary films about Cairo University, its centers and units are to be screened. Artistic and theatrical shows will be presented. Outreach lectures will be delivered on smoking risks, privacy of handling information via social media, and sport competitions among students at Cairo University playgrounds.


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