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Cairo University Council Reviews Education Conditions at Faculties for New Academic Year

Date :2017-10-02 11:14:26

 Cairo University Council holds a meeting on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, headed by Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht. The council is attended by Giza Governor Kamal Eldally, Head of Council of State Ahmed Aboul-Azm, two council members from abroad, and faculty deans. The council discusses study conditions, regular educational process at faculties in the first two weeks of study, and plans of Cairo University faculties in education development and evaluation methods in the current academic year. The council also discusses student activities and how to activate them and widen their base among students, and conducting Hepatitis C Virus analyses to new students at Student Hospital with taking measures to provide free treatment to infected students.

Cairo University Council is informed of the number of new entrant students of the university who amount to 31, 000 students in the current year 2017/2018. Cairo University Council enunciates the role of deans in ensuring regular study and promoted educational services presented to students.

Cairo University Council discusses Cairo University development vision suggested by Cairo University President by many measures most important of which are Cairo University decentralization and law enforcement of powers granted to deans at all levels. Cairo University President urged the distribution of university decision making power of speedy achievement of different academic tasks for the interest of educational, research, and administrative process development and activating principles of transparency and exchanged censorship.

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht pointed out, during the meeting, that ،،Cairo University Document for Culture and Enlightenment will be presented, after drafting, to Cairo University Council through a committee composed of Culture and Enlightenment Council. Culture and Enlightenment Council encompasses elite of cultural, artistic and thinking symbols in Egypt.,, He added that ،،The committee is concerned with preparing a document that determines the university identity that is based on civility, rationality, freedom, right to disagree and be creative, non-discrimination on racial, social, or religious basis, openness  to global trends, and emphasis of Egypt enlightened identity.,,  

Cairo University refers to adding 150 security personnel for supporting administrative security at Cairo University to increase the ability to organize and keep the university campus civilized.

Cairo University Council reviews regular accommodation of students at hostels from the first day of study as well as launch student care office at hostels for the first time to study supporting needy students according to rules that ensure social justice, implement social solidarity rules, and help students who need support.

Cairo University Council approves establishing social solidarity fund named ،،HH Sheikh Al Qasimi,, at Faculty of Agriculture based on his million EGP donation for the fund to contribute to helping unable students at the faculty.

Cairo University Council discusses developing a plan that includes a group of academic policies to enhance world universities ranking and focus on applied research projects that serve state economy directly. Cairo University President acclaims adding The Psychology of Creativity subject to Georgia program at Faculty of Commerce and suggests applying it in all faculties of the university.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman Elkhosht refers to Cairo University keenness on organizing anti-drugs campaign at Cairo University and widening it to cover Giza Governorate. He appoints Professor of Toxicology at Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine Nabil Abdel-Maqsoud as a General Coordinator for Anti-Drugs campaign which is aimed at outreaching youth and protecting them from drugs risks.

The council is informed that the Standing Committee of Antiquities approved the registration of Cairo University dome, the clock, and Cairo University museum building as Islamic and Coptic monuments.

Cairo University Council approves postponing exams date for Qatari students of Faculty of Law who may be late until the coming January because visas.   


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