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Cairo University President Makes Visiting Tour to Reassure of Study Progress and Regular Education in Second Term

Date :2018-02-11 12:43:46

 Elkhosht: ،Two New Curriculum of Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurship Launched Coming Year,

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht makes a visiting tour at Cairo University campus. Elkhosht is reassured of study progress and regular educational process at faculties. He is accompanied in his tour with Cairo University Vice-President for Community Service and Environment Development Saeed Daw and Cairo University Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Amr Adly. Cairo University meets some university students at campus.

Elkhosht said to Faculty of Economics and Political Science students in a lecture that Cairo University organizes a competition costing EGP 1, 000, 000 to produce the two curriculum of Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurship to be study requirements in any year starting from the coming year. Problem-solving question will be applied with 5% of exam. It is based on changing thinking methods.

Elkhosht said that cafeterias are temporarily spread to serve students. Cairo University assigns senior professors at Faculty of Engineering to make conceptual architectural design for cafeterias to suit the campus architecture within the framework of integrated project for developing campus and initiate its implementation in the upcoming summer. Elkhosht pointed out that the university pauses all building and widening works at faculty buildings to start campus development project.

Cairo University President added that the university plans for Faculty of Physical Education establishment project that will be established at high level with credit-hour system. Elkhosht pointed out that digging works will start soon at Cairo University International Branch. He said that there are major projects that Cairo University works on including university hospitals development and educational process development at university faculties.

Cairo University President assures that the university makes effort to meet the needs of students with special needs and provide their requirements even before issuing an Act in this regard. Elkhosht pointed out that full maintenance is conducted for Cairo University buildings and hostels to receive students during second term activities.


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