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Transfers of Students from university faculties Start in August

Date :2012-06-28 22:12:28

 D. Hossam Kamel, President of the University Council approved the University of Cairo in its meeting on Wednesday, 27.6.2012 rules of conversion and transfer in students to the university colleges in the academic year next 2012/2013 for both transfer students who passed for the difference is higher among university faculties or for new students who have high school year 2012, include that the student will be successful and is transferred to the band the highest in the college transferred from and meet the requirement of residence in the geographical scope of the university to be a priority in the conversion for students with the highest totals so that does not exceed the proportion of referrals for 20% of the number of students enrolled in the band required conversion to it, according to the nature of the study College and all its possibilities. For the conversion of new students from high school in 2012 and candidates through the Office of Coordination of university admission or students who wish to transfer their enrollment from college to college other than the debate is done through the Office for the Coordination of acceptance in universities and in the light of the petitions submitted by the student candidates, whether convertible into college debate or to transfer their enrollment to schools is a debate with the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities for the acceptance of blind students and separated and the disabled as well as students who obtained a certificate of high school German from German schools or high school unprecedented Balaaadadah German. and decides to convert and record transfer centrally through the Office of Conversion Central University from the first of August.



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