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Cairo University Launches the First Arabic Translation of Talmud

Date :2013-06-19 00:26:48

A cultural initiative of Cairo University Translation Project has been issued by the university and sponsored by Dr.\ Husam Kamel, President of Cairo University, two years ago, aiming at activating translation of human and social science of creative value, opening chances of cognitive communication and being opened to the Other. In this context, Center for Foreign Languages and Professional Translation at Cairo University has finished the first complete Arabic Translation of Talmud. Talmud is composed of the legislative side of Torah, known as "Mishnah" with its six sections that are regarded of high importance for the Jews and a source of interpretation of Old Testament and explanation of Torah. It is also related to crops, seasons, feasts, especially Sabbath, women, family, transactions, civil and criminal laws, organizing regulations of servicing in the temple, sacrificial, purity laws, and others. 

The translation included 22 books, entitled "Talmud", paging 350 for each book. This was declared by Dr.\ Mohamed Othman El-Khosht, Manager of Center for Foreign Languages and Professional Translation. He also pointed out that the translation was done by Dr.\ Mustafa Abdul-Maaboud Sayed Mansour, Professor of Judaism studies at Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. He is scientifically qualified in Talmudic studies, and specialized in Talmud terminology and characteristics of Arabic language. 

El-Khost added that there was no Arabic translation of Talmud which remained enveloped by myths and superstitions concerning its material. Talmud translation is considered a new launch of Judaism studies in Arabic. Talmud is the explanatory source of Old Testament and it occupies a great status in the Jewish thought. He also pointed out that direct religious knowledge of Judaism remained dependent on Old Testament book, which had early Arabic translation, whereas Talmud is the most important religious text after Old Testament explaining Judaism and interpreting Torah.

Dr.\ Mustafa Abdul-Maaboud has translated the legislative part of Talmud, including the six parts of Mishnah, which are of high importance at the legislative level in Judaism, including a group of legislative provisions, instructions, interpretations, fatwas, and commandments since the era of Moses, peace be upon him, until the era of Yehuda Hanassi who gathered and coordinated them by the end of the twelfth century, founding the basis of Talmud which became sacred by the Jews.


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