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New Six Programs at Open Education Center

Date :2012-08-28 21:24:39

New six programs have been launched by Open Education Center, Cairo University, starting from the first term of 2012/2013. Four of these programs are related to Faculty of Arts (Applied Sociology, Press, Electronic Archive, and Theoretical and Applied Philosophy), the others are related to Faculty of Kindergarten (Teachers of Special Education of Early Childhood Preparation Program, and Early Childhood Teachers Preparation Program).

Noteworthy, the total number of the programs will be twelve programs, since there are another six programs already introduced by the Center. These are Financial and Commercial Deals (Faculty of Commerce), Legal Studies (Faculty of Law), English, Hebrew, French, and Spanish Translation (Faculty of Art), Arabic Language (Faculty of Dar El-Ulum), Media (Faculty of Mass Communication), and Land Reclamation Technology (Faculty of Agriculture). The syllabuses and the contents of these programs are well suited for the nature of study of the Open Center.


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