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Increase of Cairo University Internationally Published Research to Become 1824 Researches

Date :2014-03-04 22:06:06

 Dr.\ Gamal Essmat, Vice President of Cairo University for Post-Graduate Studies and Research, announces that rates of scientific publication among staff members at university faculties, in periodicals and internationally ranked scientific encyclopedias have witnessed a remarkable increase during year 2013. Published scientific researches of staff members at the international level in all specializations are about 1824 scientific researches which increase year after year in all scientific sectors as well as increasing the number of researchers who publish their researches at the international level and the quality of the published researches. He pointed out that Faculty of Science is in the forefront of the international scientific publication followed by Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and then Faculty of Engineering.

Dr.\ Gamal Essmat illustrated that in the framework of the policies taken to enhance scientific research organization and stimulating staff members to publish their scientific research at the international level and granting them a financial support for publication costs reached 9 million EGPs during 2013.

Dr.\ Essmat said that Cairo University's progress in the Spanish Ranking Web of Universities to become 299 in the international ranking and the first over Africa, in spite of the circumstances that the university went through during the last period, is a natural result of the university's efforts in enhancing scientific research system. He pointed out that the university takes serious steps in the field of criteria development field that lead to its existence in the international ranking and enhancing scientific research system of university through some mechanisms. These mechanisms are increasing the funding allocated to boost research projects of staff members at different faculties. The research plan of the university reached about 212 research projects that cover all academic sectors costing 200 million EGPs. The university also boosts research projects of youth researchers and granting monetary prizes to those who made distinctive scientific theses in different faculties. Besides, boosting staff members and their assistants travelling abroad to attend international conferences and participating through scientific researches.


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