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Cairo University Boosts 11Applied Research Projects in Developmental Fields at a Cost of 4 Million and 500 Thousand EGP

Date :2014-03-11 22:26:12

Cairo University has decided to fund 11 distinctive applied research projects of staff members at the university from among a number of researches presented to the university's second forum for scientific research which has been chosen by committees of senior arbitrators and experts according to its societal priorities and its direct connection with development fields. Prof. Dr.\ Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, has accredited funding these researches at a cost of 4 million and 500 thousand EGP. Researchers started to carry out their research projects to finish them during the period from 18 to 24 months.

Dr.\ Gamal Essmat, Vice President of Cairo University for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, explained that the chosen research projects include two projects at Faculty of Engineering. The first project is related to using untraditional systems and building materials in fixing the housing problem in Egypt, and the second is related to manufacturing and testing wind turbines converting the air to the opposite direction.

Faculty of Agriculture also has two projects, one on the impact of climatic changes on the molecular genetics and cellular varices, and the other deals with the type of genetic testing to increase the milk production of Egyptian buffaloes.

Among the research projects that have been selected , the research of Faculty of Science about the entry of a system of decentralization of concessionary costs for wastewater processing in Egypt and reusing it in agriculture and the production of proteins, fish and animals. The project at the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine is about the fundamental role of Bioinformatics in determining the effectiveness of targeted therapy to oral tumor, the project at the National Cancer Institute is entitled: Targeting activity of Telomerase enzyme as a means to treat cancer. The project at the Institute of educational Studies is related to educational research and its relation to development, and (a case study on the Cairo University). The project at the Faculty of Pharmacy on the development and manufacture of a food medicinal product extracted from flax seeds with high content of prevention of and treatment of cancer patients. Two projects have been selected at the Institute of African Studies and Research , the first is related to the evaluation of natural and human resources to achieve sustainable development in the region of Nasser Lake ( Egyptian side ) , and the second is about the impact of the Ethiopian water projects on the basin of the Blue Nile .


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