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British Egyptian conference Cairo University policies on education and training on 18, 19 September

Date :2012-09-17 00:43:03

Cairo University witnesses Egyptian-British conference, entitled "Education is the Best Investment", to discuss policies of education and training. It is held in London and Cairo at the same time on 18, 19/9/2012. The conference is sponsored by Prof. Dr.\ Hossam Kamel, Cairo University's President.

Ministers of Education and Higher Education in both countries, elite of experts of education, executive officers, number of industry and economy men, and representatives of political parties, are participating in his tasks. Meetings are held in Egypt at Conferences Center, Cairo University's Hostel, while meetings are held at the same time at Oriental Studies Institute, London University, and are operated through video conference website. 

British-Egyptian Society conference is organized in cooperation with Education Institute and Faculty of Oriental Studies, London University in cooperation with Community Service and Environmental Development Sector and Educational Studies Institute, Cairo University. The conference reflects a group of points of view concerning policies of education and training as well as the extent of response to needs of society and employment.

The opening meeting has been attended by Dr.\ Ahmed El Tayeb, Sheikh of Azhar, Prof. Dr.\ Hossam Kamel, Cairo University's President, Dr.\ Hatem Seif El-Nasr, Ambassador of Egypt in America, and Baron Simons, Head of British-Egyptian Society.

Dr.\ Heba Nassar, Vice President of Cairo University for Community Service and Environment Development, has said that the conference aims at sharing experiences between Egypt and Britain in fields of education, training, developing roject initiatives, and common programs of future that will cooperate in boosting academic and cultural cooperation between organizations of Education and training in both countries. She also pointed out two-day conference discussions dealing with the relationship between education and employment as well as the role of educational organizations in supplying students with business skills, designing policies of education with the best method in democratic society, vocational development of pre-university teachers, enhancing teaching skills at universities, enhancing the criteria of vocational education, universities' response to industry requirements, as well as managing education policies.

Dr.\ Soheir Hewala, Dean of Institute of Educational Studies and Research, Cairo University, pointed out that tasks of the conference include 8 meetings as well as the opening meeting headed by prominent experts and executive officers.


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