Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak granted an honorary doctorate from the University of Cairo

Time : 19:00:00
Location : Grand Ballroom
Organizer : Cairo University
About Event : In a great celebration that was held in the Grand Ballroom today, Cairo University has awarded , Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak an honorary doctorate in Sociology in recognition of her efforts in the development of the society over the past three decades. The decision was approved by the University Council, headed by Dr. ‏Hussam Kamel, in response to the proposal offered by the Department of Sociology and approved by the Faculty of Arts Council. The Department of Sociology stated that several facts and considerations lie behind its decision to grant the honorary doctorate, some of which were scientific, namely, that Mrs. Suzanne has obtained a Master degree in Sociology from the American University in 1982, and that she has contributed in institutionalizing public and voluntary social work at the national, regional and international levels, especially in the realms of empowering women, family stability, safeguarding the rights of the child and spreading and corroborating the values and culture of peace. Additional reasons were that Mrs. Mubarak has paid special attention to the Egyptian girl in an attempt to remove various manifestations of discrimination against her and ensure her access to equal opportunity in life, and attempted to ameliorate the lives of the Egyptian girl in her various phases of life. Furthermore, the Department mentioned among the reasons for the award the initiative that was launched by Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak 20 years ago for the enhancement of the cultural life in Egypt through her great national project “Reading for all”, a project that brought in striking consequences in the business of publishing, using different versions of books in various fields of knowledge and science‏.

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