Total Number of Journals : 44 

Publisher Journal Name URL
Cairo University Journal of Advanced Research
  Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts Arab Journal of Sociology
  Cairo Studies in English (CSE)
  Kairoer Germanistische Studien (KGS)
  Journal of Classical Papers
  Scientific Journal of Libraries, Documents and Information
  Research in the science library and information
  Egyptian historian
  Journal of Psychological Research and Studies
  Journal of the Faculty of Arts
  Nile Valley Journal of Human, Social and Educational Studies and Research
  Historical facts
Faculty of Medicine Journal of Medical Histology
  Pediatric Sciences Journal
  Research in Oncology (RiO)
  Medical Journal of Cairo University
  Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences and Applied Toxicology
Faculty Of Mass Communication Scientific Journal of Radio and Television Research
  Scientific Journal of Journalism Research
  Scientific Journal of Public Relations Research and advertising
  Egyptian Journal of Media Research
  Egyptian Journal of Public Opinion Research
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Egyptian Journal of Food Safety
  The Veterinary Medical Journal-Giza (VMJG)
Faculty of Archaeology Journal of Advanced Research in Conservation Science (ARCS)
  Journal of the Faculty of Archeology
Faculty of Law Journal of Law and Economics
  The Legal Journal
Faculty of Dar-Ulum Journal of Islamic Studies and Academic Research
  Journal of the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom
Faculty of Engineering Journal of Engineering and Applied Science
Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence Egyptian Informatics Journal
Faculty of Science Recent research in Genetics and Genomics
Faculty of Dentistry  Advanced dental Journal
Faculty Of Economics And Political Science Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science
Faculty of Pharmacy Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (B-FOPCU)
Faculty of Education for Early Childhood Childhood Magazine
Faculty of Physical Therapy Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning Journal of Urban Research (JUR)
Institute of Educational Studies Journal of Educational Sciences
Arab Media Association of Faculties Journal of the Union of Arab Universities for Media Research and Communication Technology
Center for Oriental Studies The Message of the East
Center for Foreign Languages ​​and Translation  Hermes
Cairo University Herbarium Taeckholmia


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