Breast cancer in Africa and the Middle East discussed by a joint scientific conference between the universities of Cairo and Michigan, U.S.

Time : 09:00:00
Location : Grand Hayat Hotel
Organizer : Cairo Univeristy
About Event : On Wednesday, October 6 the current activities of the International Scientific Conference of the Universities of Cairo and Michigan States of America on cancer in Africa and the Middle East have started and its work contiue over the three days of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Cairo under the chairmanship of Dr. Hussein Khalid, Vice President of Cairo University for Graduate Studies and Research and the participation of 120 experts and specialists from the United States of America and Egypt, along with experts representing a number of African and Arab countries, including South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Lebanon. Also participates in the work of influential representatives of the American Association for Cancer and US AID in Cairo and the African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer, South Africa.
Dr. Said. Mohammed Latif Professor at the National Institute of Oncology and the decision of the Conference is to be discussed 33 scientific research a new spin on breast cancer and cervical cancer in Africa and the Middle East, pointing out that moving targets adopted common objectives to be applicable in the areas of early detection of tumors of the breast, cervix, and activation of research concerning the registration of tumors and follow-up and invent new methods to fight against breast cancer and cervical cancer in Africa and the Middle East, and the preparation of joint programs for training doctors and conducting field research.
The conference comes within the framework of international cooperation between Cairo University and the universities and research centers in the global fight against cancer

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