Cairo University organizes a meeting with the participation of 20 scientifically Third College

Time : 09:00:00
Location : Cairo University
Organizer : Cairo University
About Event : Cairo University, organized under the auspices of d. Jaber Al-Nassar, president of the university, and the supervision of religion Abusti Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, a meeting of the Third scientifically colleges in the period from December 10 to 11 this building swimming pool extension of the General Administration of Youth Welfare League.
Said Seatity General Manager, explained the youth care at Cairo University that scientific meeting will be the participation of 20 faculties of Cairo University, including the College of Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Arts, Commerce, Law, Economics and Political Science, Physiotherapy, Computers and Information, Human Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, agriculture, kindergartens, the quality of education, science, Darul Uloom, effects, media, and urban planning. Seatity also noted that the meeting through which some scientific research debate in the field of renewable energy, to discuss creative innovation, and is arbitration software and regular information, and the results were announced and the winners on Thursday, December 11th current twelve noon

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