Seminar at Cairo University on Islamic-dimensional analysis in Theses Faculty of Economics and Political Science

Time : 09:00:00
Location : Cairo University
Organizer : Cairo University
About Event : Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University held a seminar on "Islamic-dimensional analysis of the scientific messages, Faculty of Economics and Political Science (Cairo University)," and that in the period from December 17 to 18 th, at exactly nine o'clock am at Ahmad Lutfi Mr. university.
This seminar comes within the framework of cooperation between the Union of Islamic universities in the world and the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture - ISESCO - and the University of Cairo, which aims to work cognitive map discuss Islamic dimensions in the context of disciplines of political science and economics, public administration, because the multi-Islamic issues differs addressed in scientific production universities deployed in the OIC countries according to historical and societal contexts of each country, and therefore must stand on what is produced by universities and research studies dealing with these issues and review the analysis adopted by the findings.
  Said Dr. nymph Tawfiq Mujahid coordinator chair ISESCO and professor at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, the symposium seeks to achieve several objectives including: the definition of what is present in the College of the different schools of thought and highlight the interest of students to enter the Islamic dimension in their studies, to stand on the evolution of interest in the field of Islamic studies at the college, to determine the future vision for research in this area, considered the core of this project can be built upon as a model for universities in the Islamic countries, and work on a folder includes all scientific messages that dealt with Islamic dimensions in universities and Islamic countries.
And includes the seminar results of a research project based on the survey of master's and doctoral dissertations that have been discussed in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, within forty-five-year-old ran from 1969 to November 2014, where in this period the number of messages 108 message, singled out the economy section 14 message, 95 message in political science and is divided into 14 message in the field of international relations .34 message in the fields of political systems and public administration .46 message in political thought and political theory.
And on the scientific messages in economics various dimensions of the economy beginning of economic thought field where there is a message addressed the economic thought of Maurdi, as well as the dynamics of Islamic economics, through the role of Zakat and Waqf in the economy, through to the role of the private Islamic banks and their relationship to the central bank's economic institutions, and its role in the investment, the nature of the banking profits, in addition to its role in the Arab development process next intake influenced by the Arab world, such as capital investment companies economic phenomena. Messages were not limited in this field on the Egyptian experience, there are messages addressed banking dimensions in Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.
And diversity of approach in the Department of Political Science between specialty thought and political theory, in the field of political thought dealt with intellectual theses presented by politicians intellectuals who have experienced political life and expressed the political reality with contributions Almtaktih eras such as Ibn Khaldun, Mawardi, Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Jouini, Imam messages Mohammed Abdo, Hassan al-Banna, and others in different eras.
The political theory messages have focused their themes and concerns and concepts about unravel the mystery and confusion that has surrounded these concepts such as jihad and resistance, choice and innovation, as well as various theses put forward by the researchers presented the political Islamic Islamic political theory of thought in different periods, such as studies on the political dimensions of the concept of governance, the concept of justice, urbanism, and advice in Islamic literature and the experience of women and political action.
Disagreed axis analysis in political systems field, where some of the messages focused on studying institutions such as the political role of Al-Azhar, the political role of the mosque, the political role of associations Islamic civil in Egypt, the role of the Sufi orders in political socialization in Egypt, while focused on some other studies examining the relations between groups or groups or movements of the political system, including "political minorities and practices in the Islamic experience," "the clergy's role in the Iranian Revolution," and the study of "the relationship between the political system of the Islamic movements in Egypt," It has been observed that many of those messages focused on the Egyptian reality specifically, however, some other messages was the spatial framework which is not necessarily in the specific subject of the message.

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