Desert Technology 12th International Conference - 2015

Time : 09:00:00
Location : Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University
Organizer : Faculty of Agriculture - Cairo University
About Event : This is the 12th in a series of Desert Technology conferences since 1991. These conferences focus on desertification issues & multidisciplinary solutions such as:

1- Special characteristics and benefits of desert ecosystems

2- Mechanism of desertification and its management

3- Appropriate technologies for developed and developing regions

The conferences provide opportunities for researchers to learn & exchange knowledge through technical presentations, participation in productive working groups, and in informal discussions. The issues of desertification are a global concern, requiring continued & expanding research to mitigate the consequences. Building upon previous experiences & accomplishments, DT 12 offers an opportunity to participate in discussions & the presentation of research projects (including natural, technological & human sciences) aimed at overcoming constraints of desertification. The conference welcomes researchers and educators associated with deserts & arid regions from diverse areas of arid zone science.

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