Workshop on Quality Assurance Unit

Time : 10:00:00
Location : Conference Center
Organizer : Centre for Quality Assurance
About Event : On 20/3/2012, Multi-purpose Workshop will be organized, by Quality Assurance & Accreditation Center, to declare the goals of developing Higher Education Projects Unit, stimulate faculties and institutes to subscribe quality assurance Projects, review the progress of funded projects, and offer the technical support to faculties and institutes, who seeks joining the project.
It will be organized at Conferences Center, University Hostels, Cairo University, under the auspices of University's President, and it will be attended by Prof. Dr. Fawzy Ali Turky, Executive Head of Projects Management Unit, and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mohsen Radwan, Head of Continuous Development and Qualifying for Accreditation Program. Many activities will be presented as a technical report about effect of development projects on the performance of faculties and institutes by Head of Quality Center, and financial report by Head of Projects Unit.

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