Research Projects Opportunities from Masr El Kheir Foundation with a fund one million pound

he Scientific Research and Innovation (SRI) Program in Misr Elkheir Foundation has opened its call for proposals for 2014  as one of a series of calls that aim at supporting and funding world class scientific research with high societal impact. Projects applying for this fund should be novel, inventive, and applicable. The call focuses on the following topics:


-Developing novel energy alternatives by using renewable energy sources or from agricultural and non-agricultural waste. (Developing new methods to convert waste into Energy)


-Develop new economic and non-conventional methods of sanitation in and drinking water treatment villages.

-The use of renewable energy in modern inexpensive irrigation systems (specially in small farms in the delta).

--Food / Agriculture

- The development of new methods for the local production of fertilizers, biopesticide and seeds.

-The development of new methods for the production of crops with high productivity (under biotic and abiotic stresses)

-The development of inexpensive new systems to feed students to face malnutrition./ The development of inexpensive new systems to raise nutrient values of food

-The development of sea fish farming to meet the needs of the domestic market and export.

-Design of inexpensive new systems of greenhouses (specially using LED Technologies).

- Novel and economic agricultural waste treatments with social, economic and environmental yielding.

Budget and Duration

-The budget should not exceed 1,000,000 EGP  per project

-The duration of the project should not exceed two years.


-Egyptian Researchers from Scientific Institutes, Universities, Scientific Societies, and Governmental Agencies are eligible for funding. Having partners in the industry or private sector is an advantage.

For Submission (online Application ONLY)

Please use this link to

-Download MEK Guide for Applicants,

-Download proposal template, and

-To submit your proposal.

For inquires email

Deadline 15th August 2014

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Research Projects Opportunities from Masr El Kheir Foundation with a fund one million pound - Cairo University