First Call Criteria for exchange program in field of life and medical sciences (USA- Egypt)

Harvard University has received a grant from the U.S. Department of State to provide small awards for early-career scientists from MENA countries to conduct research with senior scientists from the USA for 6 weeks. During the exchanges program early scientists will be trained on essential research skills for the conduct of responsible science; appropriate scientific procedures, learn new techniques or experimental procedures, and interact with peers and senior scientists at the host institutions.  The goal of this exchange program is to provide early-career scientists from MENA countries the opportunities for professional development in their field of study, broadening their exposure to responsible science in the host country, and building a network of possible future collaborators. 

Applicants Eligible Criteria

The purpose of this program is to provide a six-week visit for early career scientist and physicians to conduct research in USA that can be continued in Egypt.

-    Applicants must have a master or doctoral degree;

-    Applicants with doctoral degree must obtained their degree no longer than five (5) years by August 21st 2015;

-    Applicants must be affiliated to either Cairo University or Ain-Shams University and supported by letter from their institutes;

-    Applicants must have ongoing collaboration with host institute through projects or joint publications;

-    Once back to home country applicants must present talk about their research and train 3-5 scientists the skills they acquired during the exchange.

-    Applicants and the host must submit progress report by the end of the exchange program showing what they achieved. A second progress report should be submitted three months after return of the applicant to his/her country describing how he/she implemented what they learned at host institutions in their home institutions.

-    Applicants with international publications are preferred.

-    Applicants must provide a letter of invitation from host institution including time and purpose of visit.

-    Applicant must provide proposal no longer than 3 pages of the suggested collaborative research.

-    To be considered, each proposal must be submitted in the attached application form.

-    Please provide with each application

o    A current curriculum vitae for early career scientist/applicant and

o    A current curriculum vitae for the senior scientist/host

o    Research support for early career scientists and senior scientists

o    Statement of future work-plan supported by letter from early career scientist mentor describing how skills and knowledge learned will be implement in Egypt.

-    Applications should be sent by email to  no later than August 21st 2015.

Joint Application

•    Please provide the required information in the application form concisely; yet with enough detail to allow the reviewers to understand your project objectives and work plan. The boxes in Section 2 should be expanded as necessary; however, the combined length of sub-sections in should not exceed 3 pages. 

•    Attach BRIEF curricula vitae (CV) of the early career scientist and senior scientist.

•    Ethics form of the program should be completed by the applicant and host institution

•    Incomplete proposals and those not submitted using the required forms might not be reviewed.

•    Applications should be submitted only once by the early career scientist.

•    The program will cover round trip flight ticket at economy class, per diem and hotel costs based on the State Department approved rates

•     Applications should be sent by email to: no later than August 21st 2015.

•    For further information contact:

Project Principle Investigator: Dr. Ara Tahmassian, E-mail:

       Project Leadership in Egypt:

Cairo University: Dr. Mona Mostafa Mohamed,  E-mail:

Ain Shams University: Dr. Mohamed El-Shinawi, E-mail:


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First Call Criteria for exchange program in field of life and medical sciences (USA- Egypt) - Cairo University