The potential effects of climate change on the African continent

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the environment its elements in different countries

Because of African human life and its various activities in these countries are related to climatic conditions . Science has focused

The natural end of the century on a d Rissah rate of climatic change and look for potential causes and effects

After it reported a d anchored many that the earth is on the rise sensed a year and a remarkable degree of Rrh insisted since the mid-

The nineteenth century , and even now , and scientists predict that climate h a Rrh land will increase during the century atheist

The twentieth more than ever . The change of climate at the time of the mortgage to the rights and practices

Irrational , which result in increased emissions of greenhouse lin a focused especially carbon dioxide , which contributes to

Alone, more than 50% of the total emissions that cause global \'ve had a PL . The African continent over the Table rate

Sensitivity to the world rate of climatic change that they are characterized by limited resources and that the majority of which are located within only a pleased

Dry and semi-dry predominately pastoral and Wales a pious raincoats, and is most apparent change of rate

Climate in the African continent , drought and floods and hurricanes that are repeated now widely

Compared to the past . It is likely that climate change is affecting the continent by increasing soil erosion

And salinity resulting from the high degree of Rrh insisted . And threatens sea-level rise , coastal areas and countries

Island , and will accelerate desertification in some areas and increasing storms of Walt Rupees . There is no doubt that this

Altatی the rate of change of the potential climatic rate on the continent will impede the process of sustainable human development unless facing

Africa this rate of change , or fit them. And will result in a high degree insisted Rrh to the expiration of Earth \'s plant and animal species

And the emergence of many major health problems and the spread of some of Mother Earth and the return of some of Mother Earth infectious . In addition

To the implications of serious social and economic , especially in sub- health Rev. A , which does not have the ability

To cope with this change or even adaptation.

Onz a year for the importance of the subject for researchers Chan offers a rack in the conference from various universities in Egypt and

Universities and various African nationalities in this booklet abstracts , which will be discussed in this

Important conference which approximate twenty percent, and in search of a recipe is dominated by diversity in the various fields of knowledge .

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