We are pleased to confirm that the research program europe in the middle east – the middle east in europe (EUME) will be continued. We invite for applications for 5 Postdoctoral Fellowships for the academic year 2015/16 in Berlin.

Please find the call for applications below this message or as a PDF document here <http://www.eume-berlin.de/en/call-for-application-ausschreibung.html>.

The fellowships are addressed to scholars who are interested in the methodological perspective of dealing with regions or cultures not as closed entities or polarities, but by looking at processes of transfer, exchange, and interaction in the sense of entangled or shared histories
and cultures.

We would be grateful if you could post the announcement at your institution and circulate it, among colleagues and scholars who you think would be qualified and interested in applying for the postdoc fellowships.

'Europe in the Middle East - the Middle East in Europe' (EUME) has been initiated in 2006 as a joint research program of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. Since 2011 EUME is  continued as a project at the Forum Transregionale  Studien. For more information on EUME please visit our website <http://www.eume-berlin.de/>.

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