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As soon as a decree was issued to establish Ibrahim Pasha University at Cairo 1950, another decree has been issued to establish Mohamed Ali Pasha University. However, it was difficult to place the burden of founding two universities on Cairo University. Therefore, the state started to equip staff members for the first university at Upper Egypt. Thus, scientific missions were dispatched abroad to study for PhD. in different specialties that the new university needed.
After 1952 Revolution, study has started at the university that became known as ((Asuit University)) in 1957. At the beginning, the university was composed of two universities; Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering, and then the university completed its faculties gradually. Cairo University was in charge of boosting the new university with professors and specialized cadres as well as helping the university to prepare its regulations and studying system. This was what Cairo University had done in the foundation period (1950 – 1957) and in post-foundation period, thus, providing Asuit University with staff members of Cairo University who taught at Asuit University until it completed its architecture and stood on its own feet. Thus, Cairo University was a corner stone in Egyptian academic education which was related to patriotic struggle for political, social and economic freedom. Noteworthy, Cairo University played a large role through participating in founding Arab Universities, such as; Al-Riyadh University (King Saud University), King Abdulaziz University at Jeddah, University of Baghdad and Kuwait University.



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