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Centers Affiliated To The Cairo University Faculties

Faculty of Arts  
1 Psychological Research & Studies Center
2 Social Research & Studies Center
3 Historical Research and Studies Center
4 Research and Information Services Systems Center
5 Center for Ibero-American Culture Studies
6 The Center for Armenian Studies (CAS)
7 Giftedness and Creativity Center
Faculty of Law  
1 Legal Research, Studies, and Vocational Training Center
2 Human Rights Studies & Research Center
3 Legal Research and Studies on Administrative Development Center
4 Anti- Crime Research and Studies and Dealing with Criminals Center
5 Information and Legal Consultations Center
6 Center for Legal Studies of Family and Contemporary Jurisprudence Issues
Faculty of Science  
1 Accurate Analyses Center
2 Scientific and Electronic Device Maintenance Center
Faculty of Commerce  
1 Commercial Research & Studies Center
Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences  
1 Economic & Financial Research & Studies Center
2 Information Systems & Electronic Computers Center
3 Asian Studies Center
4 Public Administration Studies & Consultation Center
5 Developing Countries Studies and Research Center
6  Political Research & Studies Center
7 Center for Surveys and Statistical Applications
8 American Studies Center
9 European Studies Center
10 Program for Civilization Studies and Dialogue of Cultures
Faculty of Mass Communications  
1 Woman and Media Studies and Research Center
2 Public Opinion Research Center
3 Media Training, Documentation and Production Unit
4 Press Heritage Center
Faculty of Engineering  
1 Printing and Publishing Center
2 Energy Research Center
3 Center For Advanced Software & Biomedical Engineering Consultation
4 Friction Engineering & Spare Parts Studies Center
5 Postgraduate Studies Development and Engineering Development Research Center.
6 Archaeological and Environmental Engineering Center
7 Civil Engineering Research and Studies Center
8 Technical Center of Creating Job Opportunities for Engineers
9 Production & Scientific Devices Maintenance Unit
10 Architectural and Engineering Designs Support Center
11 High Technological Blueprints and Consultation Center
12 Studies and Training in Mechanical Power Engineering Center
13 Mining Studies & Research Center
14 Engineering Studies and Manufacturing Center
15 Water Projects Studies & Designs Center
Faculty of Archaeology  
1 Faculty of Archaeology – Based Monuments, Manuscripts and Museum Properties Maintenance Center
Faculty of Dar Al Ulum  
1 Islamic Studies & Research Center
2 Language Training Center
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine  
1 Newly Born Calves Diseases Research Center
2 Animal and Poultry Care Research Center
3 Applied Veterinary Medicine Analyses and Studies Center
4 Veterinary Biotechnological Research Services Unit
5 Regional Center for Safety and Quality of Food Commodities
6 Prints Center
7 Unit for Cremation of Dead Bodies and Incineration of Environmental Pollution Waste
8 Unit of Diagnosis & Treatment Of Poultry Diseases
Faculty of Computer and Informatics Sciences  
1 Studies and Information Systems Development Center
2 Decision Support and Future Studies Center
Faculty of Pharmacy  
1 Faculty of Pharmacy Computer Center
2 Center of Applied Research & Advanced Studies
3 Microbial Biotechnology Center
Faculty of Nursing  
1 Center For Training and Research Consultation
Faculty of Physiotherapy  
1 Physiotherapy Services & Continuous Learning Center
2 Unit of Prosthetic Devices Manufacturing
Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine  
1 Paid Treatment Unit
2 Continuous Dentistry Teaching and Training Center
3 Dentistry Requirement Research Unit
4 Unit of Treatment of Childrens Teeth and Children with Special Needs
5 Dental Education Hospital Unit
Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning  
1 Urban Research and Studies Consultation Center
2 African Urban Studies Center
Faculty of Kindergarten  
1 Center For Educational and Psychological Studies and Educational Services
National Institute of Laser Sciences  
1 Medical Laser Center
2 Laser Technology and Applications Center
Institute of Educational Studies and Research  
1 Center for Educational Research and Services
2 Psychological Guidance Center
African Studies and Research Institute  
1 African Information and Consultations Center
2 Center for African Studies and Research
3 Center for Natural Resources and Human Development in Africa
4 Sudanese Research and Studies Center
Statistical Studies and Research Institute  
1 Demographic Applications & Human Resources Development Center
2 Standardized Statistical Studies & Consultations Center
3 Center for Database Research and Programming
4 Statistical Laboratory Unit
National Cancer Institute  
1 Paid Treatment Unit
2 Unit for Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Cancer
Faculty of Specific Education  
1 Art and Environment Beautification Unit
Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine  
1 Kidney Failure and Surgery Treatment Unit
2 Ultra Sonic Rays Diagnosis Center
3 Critical Cases Care Center
4 Medical Heredity Unit
5 Oncology & Nuclear Medicine Center
6 Al Kasr Al-Aini Laboratory Unit for Blood Vessels
7 Medical Education Development Center
8  Intestinal Diarrhea Unit
9 Digestive System & Liver Endoscope Unit
10 Clinical Toxics Center
11 Eye Bank Unit
12 Specialized Medical Bio-Chemical Tests Unit
13 Hearing, Ears and Speech Diseases Unit
14 Nose Research & Snoring Treatment Unit
15 Ear Bank and Laboratory & Cochlea Plantation Unit
16 Pictorial Medical Diagnosis and Internal Rays Unit
17 Research Unit for Tuberculosis Fungi and Allergy
18 Bilharzia Liver Diagnosis and Treatment Unit
19 Tumor Indicators Unit
20 Open Heart Surgeries Center
21 Unit of Patients Suffering from Diabetics,and Endocrine Glands
22 Fitness and Rehabilitation Unit
23 Eye Disease Diagnosis and Its Laser Treatment Unit
24 University Manial Hospital Unit
25 Conferences Center
26 Kinetic System Tissue Implantation and Preservation Center
27 Microscopic and Functional Ear, Nose and Throat Unit
28 Viruses Unit
29 Medical Information & International Networks center
30 Pediatric Nephrology & Transplantation
31 Pain Remedy Unit
32 Health Care Dangerous Waste Treatment Center
33 Blood Diseases Unit
34 Unit of Caring for Children Suffering from Diabetics, and Endocrine Glands
35 Neonatal Unit
36 Blood Pressure Research
37 Center for Addiction Psychiatry
38 Center for Social and Preventive Medicine
39 Genomic Medicine Center
40 Experimental Surgery & Biological Center
41 Advanced Education Center
42 Fetal Medicine Unit
Faculty of Agriculture  
1 Faculty of Agriculture Productive Workshops
2 Agricultural Production Technology Center
3 Printing Office Unit
4 Agricultural Analyses Unit (Central Laboratory)
5 Desert Lands Reclamation Center
6 Economic and Agricultural Studies Center
7 Pesticides Center
8 Agricultural Engineering for Technical Consultations Studies Unit
9 Improved Seeds Center
10 Agricultural Consultation Unit
11 Agarose Research Center
12 Agricultural Guidance & Training Unit
13 Poultry Services Center
14 Milk- Giving Cattle Information Systems Center
15 Center for Rural Development Research and Studies
16 Meat Technology unit



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