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School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy was emerged in 1829 accompanying school of medicine at Abi Zaabal, and then it was transferred with it to El-Kasr El-Aini in 1837. Period of study in it was five years. School of pharmacy was exposed to all what the school of medicine was exposed to of prosperity and decline because the two schools were related to each other. In 1887.

the system of education, at the era of occupation, changed; years of study became four years and the study was disrupted for few years at the beginning of the twentieth century as the government was in no need for pharmacists, then study was resumed at the school in 1910 and the period of study became three years, which graduates after them were given Diploma of pharmacy and chemistry. After the school of medicine joined the Egyptian University in 1925 in order for school of medicine to become a faculty, school of pharmacy was annexed to it and the period of study at the school of pharmacy became four years.



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